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Fascinating 2016 Lexus GS F Complete Overview

Although this might end up being sobering reports regarding to Lexus’s team to hear, the simple truth is which 467 hp simply just doesn’t slice it towards the top of the supersedan heap anymore. Certain, this GS F’s naturally aspirated 5. 0-liter V-8 appears to be splendid on the paper, yet it is technical specs pale alongside the 640-hp CTS-V and also the 575-hp M5. Oddly, this GS F’s V-8 will be maintained above untouched of the scaled-down RC F coupe. It tends to make exactly the same 467 hp along with 389 lb-ft of torque in addition to zings towards identical, 7300-rpm redline. Just like the RC, the GS makes use of the eight-speed automatic transmission along with drives a rear wheels.

Taking a engine from the more compact car might sound as being a formula for a unfortunate trombone cut-in, although not thus rapid. Lexus managed to maintain the GS F’s bodyweight to a lowest, resulting in a claimed suppress pounds of 4034 lbm, simply 76 more than the RC F coupe. Credit this GS’s far more integrated structure; the RC F will be cobbled collectively on the bones of the GS, this earlier-generation IS convertible, and also the latest IS sedan. This RC’s convertible-sourced pieces, specially, are usually porky, due to the fact of which car’s middle section came with rigorous bracing along with dense sills to mitigate chassis twist due to lacking that roof. And so the GS F had a shot in being just about as speedy as RC F, which we clocked at 4. 3 seconds zero to sixty mph as well as 12. 8 seconds through the quarter-mile.

How it looks, the GS F absolutely looks  the affairs. Refined other improvements towards the front and rear fascias add several attitude, in particular for the car’s face, which receives squintier headlights and gaping intakes. Lexus’s trademark spindle-shaped grille occurs right here, which is sometimes a excellent matter or the opposite of these, depending on your own tastes. This front bumper in addition includes boomerang-shaped LED lighting decor which more or less ape those for the IS and the RC, while the rear bumper houses stacked quad exhaust outlets. Almost everything concerning the exterior occurs down as subtle along with very well integrated, perfect for an exec show. The interior is actually yet another story, along with extra-racy-looking car seats, high-contrast materials, as well as large numbers of carbon-fiber trim.
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Remarkable 2016 Lexus GS F Comprehensive Review

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